The Blue Penny Museum showcases a beautiful sculpture by Mauritian artist, Prosper d’Epinay.

It all started in 1881, when the colony of Mauritius, through the Municipality of Port Louis, commissioned from the artist a marble sculpture inspired by the novel, “Paul et Virginie”. The Mauritian sculptor therefore chose the passage in the book where Paul helps Virginie to cross a stream. The artist brilliantly carved the sculpture from a single block of Cararra marble.

The colony was however not in a position to acquire the statue for financial reasons. The work therefore remained on display in d’Epinay’s workshop in Rome until 1886, when it was bought by a Portuguese collector. The original statue was purchased at an auction in London in October 1997 and was finally brought back to its initial destination.

This moving masterpiece immortalising the legendary novel that still contributes to the reputation of Mauritius worldwide was presented to the public at the Blue Penny Museum for the first time in over a century.