The Shop

The shelves of the Blue Penny Museum’s boutique are lined with great souvenirs to collect or offer as gifts.

The personnel of the boutique of this museum in Port Louis will be pleased to assist the numerous Mauritian and foreign visitors who pass through the Blue Penny Museum every day in choosing among the various items available.

The museum’s boutique offers visitors an entire line of products inspired by the Post Office stamps, the finest jewels of the Mauritian heritage. Philately enthusiasts will find there a range of items inspired by the Blue Penny and Red Vermilion – T-shirts, bookmarks, caps, soap, pens as well as key rings.

The boutique also sells various items relating to the exhibitions of the museum and detailing the history and heritage of Mauritius. Ship models, postcards, table mats, posters, reproductions of engravings and prints as well as handicrafts and a number of books on Mauritius are on display on elegant beech wood shelves, all of them amazing treasures to be acquired and shared.

The Blue Penny Museum’s products are inspired by the heritage collection of the MCB. It is one of the country’s most prestigious collections and comprises key works of Mauritian art and history including the works presented at the museum. The boutique’s items were developed with careful attention to quality and excellence and are a unique and original range of Mauritian souvenirs.

Unit price: Rs 30
  • The Bradshaw Series: Beautiful view of different regions of Mauritius painted by the British artist, Bradshaw, in the early 19th century.
  • The Must-Have Series: The reproduction of the finest works in the museum (“Les magasins L”, by Thuillier, “Paul et Virginie, accompanied by Fidele”, by Beaume and Comberworth, General map of the Indian Ocean, by Van Linschoten and Van Langren…).
  • Series of Views of Port Louis: Paintings of the Ruisseau du Pouce, the French East India Company Garden or the Place d’Armes, by artists like Thuillier, Nash and Richard.
  • Series of 10 greeting cards representing part of the endemic fauna of Mauritius as well as reproductions of the museum’s collection at Rs150/series.

The Post Office collection
This collection comprises a complete range of products inspired by the two 1847 Post Office Mauritius stamps:
  • Various models of men’s & women’s polo shirts and T-shirts at a unit price of Rs595 and Rs495 respectively.
  • Pack comprising bath towels, hand towels and washcloth at Rs825.
  • Aerogrammes at Rs 50.
  • Cuff links at Rs 400.
  • Visiting card holder at Rs 250.
  • Blue Penny bookmark at R s45.
  • Mail pack at R s345.
  • Notebook/sketchbook at a promotional price of Rs 150.
  • Men’s wallet at Rs 450.
  • Key ring at Rs 160.

Notepad and notebook/Sketchbook
  • Notepad featuring “Paul et Virginie” and other works of Thuillier at Rs 125.
  • Notebook/sketchbook featuring the Ming collection, the map drawn by Van Linschoten and Van Langren and others at a promotional price of Rs 150.

  • Series of four lithographs representing panoramic views by Fiebig at Rs 920.
  • Individual lithographs representing various works on display at the museum at Rs 345.
  • Mini-lithographs of “Paul et Virginie” or “Art 7 botanique” at Rs 575.

  • Various posters at a promotional price of Rs 30.

Blue Penny collection books
  • “Cyclones longtemps” (Cyclones of Yesteryear), the history of resilience to cyclones, at Rs 390.
  • “La BoutikSinoi” (Chinese Corner Shops), a catalogue of various photographs representing traditional Chinese shops in Mauritius, at Rs 250.
  • ‘‘Striker, Carrom, l’histoire d’un jeu qui demeure une énigme” (Striker, Carrom, the History of a Game that remains a Puzzle) at Rs 100.
  • “Lémuria, le continent disparu de l’océan Indien” (Lemuria, the Lost Continent of the Indian Ocean) at Rs 300.
  • “Séga, témoignages anciens et récents” (The Sega, Ancient and Recent Testimonies) at Rs 150.
  • “Cartes postales du passé” (Postcards of the Past) at Rs 1,500.
  • “Maurice d’Antan” (Mauritius of Yesteryear), 19th century photographs from the Blue Penny Museum’s collection, at Rs 1,190.
  • “A Treasury of Endemic Fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues” at Rs 740.
  • “Des artistes et des maires” (Artists and Mayors) at Rs 50.
  • “Paul, Virginie et Bernardin; histoire d’un mythe” (Paul, Virginie and Bernardin, the Story of a Myth) at Rs 1,200.