Does the Blue Penny Museum still purchase collection pieces?

Yes. It is the curator who deals with the acquisition of the museum’s holdings. People who wish to sell works of art are advised to contact him at the museum.

Does the Blue Penny Museum undertake the assessment of the value of collection pieces for the general public?

Yes, on request.

Does the museum offer regular guided tours for individual visitors?

The museum has been designed in a way that makes each visit exciting and allows visitors to enjoy the place without the need to be accompanied. However, a guide will be provided for groups of 10 persons or more upon prior arrangement.

Is the Blue Penny Museum accessible to people in wheelchairs?

Only the ground floor rooms of the museum are wheelchair accessible.

How are group (school) visits at the museum organised?

Please contact the museum’s Marketing and Communication Executive on this matter.

Does the museum showcase the original Post Office stamps?

Yes, but only for 10 minutes on the half-hour of every hour for preservation reasons.

What was the purchase price of the Post Office stamps?

They were purchased at an auction in 1993 for the sum of USD2.2million by a consortium of 16 Mauritian companies led by the MCB.

What types of items does the Blue Penny Museum’s boutique sell?

The boutique offers a selection of memorabilia inspired by the museum’s collections: posters, sketch pads, reproductions of lithographs, framed pictures, double cards, card games, T-shirts and a wide choice of books by Mauritian authors. The Blue Penny Museum does not sell postage stamps inspired by the Post Office stamps but a large variety of derivative products are available